Welcome! We are the Gripping Beast. For over a decade we have traveled across Europe to bring proffessional gear to reenactors from all regions and periods. Our offer had been evolving over the years and now contains nearly everything one might need to start their adventure with reenactment – from jewelery, clothes and other costume elements to archery and fighting equipment. Our company is still evolving and the selection is ever increasing. It has reached a point when we can no longer fit all the items into our sales tent, no matter how big we make it. That is why we would like you to try out our website, where you may browse through our rich offer.

If you can’t find a particular item that interets you, feel free to contact us via email or on Facebook. We have access to numerous suppliers and we are always more than willing to take on a custom order. So, browse at your leasure and enjoy our offer!

Our logo and legacy. We are the Gripping Beast!