A quiver with a viking pattern.
viking quiver

Archery Viking Quiver leather 0401052

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A sturdy leather quiver with an adjustable shoulder belt.

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Product Description

A sturdy quiver made of three layers of leather with a decorative viking knotwork on the outside. It is worn on the shoulder and fastened by a double. The belt is 1 m long and can by adjusted down by 26 cm, which ensures that the quiver sits tighly and does not move during use. The outer layer is high quality, plant tanned full grain leather, which has been additionaly impregnated with a mixture of waxes, which darkened the product and made it water proof. The middle layer is stiff leather pulp that makes the entire quiver sturdy. And finally the inside is padded with felt to protect the arrows. The top of the quiver is additionaly padded with fleece.

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