A good practice bow with a nice recurve.
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Artemis Bow ashwood 0301005

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An all around bow that can be used by both begginers and advanced archers. Made of fiberglass laminated ashwood composite.

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A simple bow made of fiberglass laminated ashwood. Design is similar to the Diana model. What is added here is a slight recurve on both of the limbs, which makes the bow quicker and more dynamic. A good all-rounder that will satisfy the needs of beginners as well as advanced archers, though it is important to remember not to draw the bow beyond 29 inches. That is why it is not recommended for people with a wide arm span (above 185cm tall).

The length of the string is 66″ (167cm) and the draw strength ranges from 28-39 pounds (13-18kg).


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Waga0.6 kg
Wymiary175 x 15 x 15 cm

Ashwood, Fiberglass


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