A flat bow base on the English long bow from the Victorian age.
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English Long Bow 70″ ashwood 0301008

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An ashwood English long bow encased in fibreglass laminate. Based on the models from the Vicotiran Age.

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Opis produktu

A modern flat bow made of ashwood composite and fiber grass laminate, which ensures durability and strength. A perfect blend between modern manufacturing technology and historical craft methods. The design and functioning are based on those of an English longbow from the Victorian age. The limbs are ended with a slight recurve, but it serves only as a decoration rather than changing the actual way the bow functions.

The available draw strength ranges from 19 to 32 kg (41 to 70 pounds) and the string is 70 inches (178cm) long. The bow is very dynamic and has a considerably long range, even at lower draw strengths. The model on offer is designed for right handed archers. A left-handed version can be made to order, please specify in the order comments.

Dodatkowe informacje

Waga1.5 kg
Wymiary195 x 5 x 5 cm

Ashwood, Fibreglass


13-14th century


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