A fiberglass bow encased in leather.
Nomad bow

Hungarian Nomad Bow fiberglass 0302001

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A simple recurve bow recommended for children. Made of fiberglass and leather.

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Opis produktu

A simple bow with a slight recurve meant for those, who are just starting their adventure with archery. Recommended for ages 6-14. The bow is made of fiberglass encased in leather. The leather encasing comes in a variaty of colors (please specify the prefered color in the order comments). The lenght of the string is 41,3″ and the draw strenghts are 18-45# at 26″, the maximum draw lenght is 27″.

Dodatkowe informacje

Waga0.47 kg
Wymiary122 x 15 x 15 cm

Fiberglass, Leather

String lenght


Draw lenght



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