A copy of a find from Lednickie lake, dated X century.
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Slavic Nasal Helm steel 0201006

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A simple nasal skull-cap helmet. A copy of a finding from Lednickie lake in Poland, dated X century.

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A copy of a helmet found on the bottom of Lednickie lake in Poland. The finding was dated in the Xth century. The nasal helmet was a very popular design in the Early Medieval. It originated from Western Europe around the IXth century and was an upgraded version of the spangenhelm. As it was made from a single piece of metal it was harder to forge than it’s segmented predecessor, but was more durable.

This is a very simple, yet fully functional helmet. The nasal piece is equipped with a small hook, that allows drawing the mail aventail over the fighter’s face to provide extra protection.

The helmet is made of 1,5mm thick carbon steel and is completely battle-ready. It offers great protection. The inside has been fitted with a leather cap for extra amortization and to ensure that it sits tightly on the head and thus does not require the use of any additional padding. The cap has a leather strip to fasten under the chin.

The standard head circumference for the helmet is 60cm. Different sizes can be made to order (please specify in the order comments).  The wait time for a custom made helmet is at least two weeks and may increase considerably during the market season (Summer).

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