A X century finding inspiration from Great Poland. The helmet is ornamented with brass.
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Slavic Great Poland Helmet brass 0201005m

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A slavic helmet from Great Poland, dated X century.

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A battle-ready helm made of carbon steel that is 1,5mm thick. The helmet model is inspired by historical findings from the Great Poland region, dated the Xth century. A total of four different models from that period and region were found – in Giecz, Gniezno, Gorzuchy, and Olszówka. All of them shared a typical conical shape. The original helmets did not include the nasal piece, which was added for protection as well as decorative purposes. All the ornaments are made of brass, much like in the original design. Another heavy decorative accent is the characteristic „chimney” with a long braid of horsehair.

The inside of the helmet has been fitted with a leather cap for extra hit amortization and comfort of use. The cap is slightly adjustable and comes with a leather chin strap that safely fastenes the helmet.

Another addition is the main defense for the face, cheeks, and neck. The metal rings are not riveted.

The standard head circumference for the helmet is 60cm. Different sizes can be made to order (please specify in the order comments).  The wait time for a custom made helmet is at least two weeks and may increase considerably during the market season (Summer).

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Waga3.3 kg
Wymiary20 x 22.5 x 38 cm

Carbon Steel


X century


1.5mm, 2mm


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