The most famous and the only found viking helmet. Dated X century.
Gjermundbu helmet frontA close shot of the ocular pieceGjermundbu helmet side.Leather cap

Viking Gjermundbu Helmet steel 0201001

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A copy of the only complete viking helmet in existance – the Gjermundbu. Dated X century.

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A copy of the only known complete Viking helmet in existance. The Gjermundbu helmet was found in a chieftain’s grave, along with other armour and weapon elements, in the Ringerike region in 1943 and is dated for X century. It is currently on display in the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. It was originally made of iron.

Much like the original Gjermundbu, this helmet is made of four separate plates connected by two strips with rivets. The crossing of the strips at the top is crowned with a small metal spike. The front has a characteristic ocular guard, which resembles a mask, to protect the eyes and nose.  The back and the sides are additionally protected by a mail aventail. The metal rings are not riveted.

The helmet is made of 1,5mm thick carbon steel and is completely battle-ready. It offers great protection. The inside has been fitted with a leather cap for extra amortization and to ensure that it sits tightly on the head and thus does not require the use of any additional padding. The cap has a leather strip to fasten under the chin.

The standard head circumference for the helmet is 60cm. Different sizes can be made to order (please specify in the order comments).  The wait time for a custom made helmet is at least two weeks and may increase considerably during the market season (Summer).

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Wymiary20 x 23 x 31 cm

Carbon Steel


X century


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