A spacious medieval satchel with brass decors.
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Medieval Satchel with Bags leather 0401028

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A medieval satchel with brass fittings based on the drawings from 13th to 15th century. Available in three colours.

Opis produktu

A very spacious belt satchel based on the drawings from the 13th to 15th centuries. Made of vegetable-tanned and dyed leather. Additionally, the front is decorated with brass fittings. The bag is sturdy and fastened by a single strap with a brass buckle.  All the stitches are machine-made and very sturdy, which means the product will last for years. It’s perfect for storing all the things you would carry around in your pockets during a reenactment festival and two additional little bags for coins and other small objects that might be handy.

All the satchels are available in three colours: Brown, Light Brown and Black. The shades of particular models might differ slightly from the ones shown on the pictures as the leather is hand-dyed.

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13th to 15th century


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