fishbone woven leg wraps

Viking Leg Wraps green wool 0503002-zi

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Plant dyed, green wool leg wraps.

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Fishbone woven wool leg wraps. Also called winingas, they were very common in the Viking Age, and not only amongst Viking people. They offered both extra insulation during the winter as well as leg and calf protection from the ankle all the way to the knee. All our leg wraps are plant-dyed, that’s why the colour might slightly differ from the one displayed on the photo. The wraps are 9 centimetres wide and depending on the calf thickness and height 3 to 4 meters are required per leg.

There are different methods of wrapping but we recommend using leg wrap hooks to fasten the winingas.  The price displayed below is per one meter of cloth.

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Waga0.005 kg
Wymiary100 x 9 cm

Plant dyed wool


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